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In Your Face


Tongue, South London Gallery


23RD AUGUST 2006, 6pm.

Eloïse Calandre


1 Hemi           

Speak to me.
Tell me something.

2 Yuriko           

I speak to you behind a shield of words you cannot understand. This way I can tell you anything. I can tell you how much I long to love you, to live to be you, to feel your sense.

3 Michaela           

I, she, he, they, you

4 Yuriko           

Find us

5 Michaela           

Something of you is inside, where language is on the outside. Words escape me.

6 Maria           

Voice carried on the wind, come and goes, like a chorus, an angel or ghost, surging into presence and then gone. Imagined. Forgotten. Language I don't understand enters me with soothing touch. Words are lost. I hear the mouth. I feel a sense of the body undone.
7 DiDi           

You can hear me, but you can’'t hear me.

8 Hemi           

Whisper something to me, without tone. A voice with no identity. The voice is the aural identity of the body composite. Intonation speaks of personality.

9 Michaela           

Speak to me, tell me something good.

10 Mona           

Laughter is a universal language, as is crying, neither can be translated. All sounds transcend words, our enunciation is our individual language of self expression.           
11 Hemi           

Where people don't go.
I walk through the forest, through the shadow. The corner of my eye sees movement. I feel a breath behind me. Scratching on the ground, crumbling under foot. A surge of heat in the icy wind, transparent calling in the air.
This is where people don't go.

12 Stamatina           

Where passion lives.
I gaze into eternal blue. Striding through light backed by shadow. Shadows tell of whispers long. The light illuminates all life. The sun soothes and understands, but shall never falter for sorrow. 
This is where passion lives.

13 Julinka           

Where indecision grows.
Awaking with full heart in the morning, blessed by sanctuary. Taste harbours change, and dust becomes apparent. I shy away and hesitate. I feel a longing to be free.
This is where indecision grows.

14 Julia           

Where to find language
I cut myself, by accident. Informed by pain, a curse of tears. Still I find myself the same. To know love is consciousness.
This is where to find language.

15 Hemi           

Where I live           
Among the flowers and the trees. In the sea and through the air. In your arms, in these four walls.  In my skin and love alone. Behind these eyes and breathing tone. Below the earth and flowing roots.
This is where I live.

16 Michaela           

A kiss,
A kiss

17 Julinka           

To be forgotten

18 Elin           

All is forbidden

19 DiDi            

I'm drawing shapes in your consciousness.
20 Stamatina           

This is a subconscious regurgitation of everything that has entered me. All emotions and learning. All words and media and love and rationality. All wrong, all anxiety, all research and sustenance, everything shared and everything forgotten.
This is who I am, sometimes, passing through me.

21 DiDi           

Lies offer a truth hidden, desires are far fetched.

22 Elin           

Superfluous annotations. Story book drawings touching my chest like thistles. Running through a time brushing against my ankles, which now crack in heels on stairs, careful footsteps of precocious beauty, never made for life encased. Chosen wild and then matured. Make hasty sex and love with too much body, only to know lack of control over all.
Want me. Deny you. Catch a sting. Bruises are missed.
Always hungry.

23 Julia & Stamatina         

It's a curious confinement I seek and suffer to find you. I steal  a glance at you. A stolen intimacy that you do not see. Through la jalousie I see myself looking, we are both outside.           
24 Julia & Hemi           
(French & Turkish)   

Speak to me. Tell me something good.           

25 Yuriko           

A word that describes that compelling sensation, involuntarily, simultaneously compelling and repelling in terms of one's own subjectivity. Describe a feeling inside the body, physical. Mentally it seems always to remain partially hidden, so that it controls, rather than becoming understood. It excites. It leads, like a horse's nose bag.

26 DiDi           

I hide behind words
27 Maria           

Speak with wet lips and let me hear your taste

28 Julia

Hidden from sense of syntax understood, but at the same time revealed the sexual nature of the voice, the internal sensual organ of the mouth, the throat, the lips.

29 Michaela           

Help me 
Leave me alone
30 Maria           

Kissing time

31 Sofia

Wait for me. I'll tell you something else. Something New. 
Another time.
Another time.